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The TV local denounces interferences of Sixth
The organization of associations of local chains presents/displays a denunciation before the Ministry of Industry when considering that they undergo interferences by the tests of the new deprived analogical chain

The organization of associations of local chains G9, who groups to 400 local emitters of all Spain, has sent a protest writing to the authorized Ministry of Industry to have the emission in tests to the new private channel led by the Group Tree and Television, to which they wish the greater success, but than she interferes in his frequencies.

In a letter sent to the Secretary of State of Telecommunications, Francisco Ros, the G9 denunciation that the emissions use several of the frequencies with which they emit for years these historical local chains, which has generated problems in their emissions. In this sense, they are sorry that before its supply of dialog, the Ministry responds with completed facts.

In the case of the zone of influence of Barcelona, Sixth it emits in tests through channel 63 of the UHF one and in the zone of Madrid in channel 33 of the UHF one.


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