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RTVE lost 371 million Euros in the eight first months
These data represent a 57.6% of the anticipated total losseses in the budget of the public being for all this year, that ascend to 643.1 million Euros

In the referred thing to financial expenses, the economic game destined to pay for the interests that produce to maintain the accumulated debt of more than 7,000 million Euros, ascended to 137 million Euros, 51.3% of the 267 million Euros assigned to this assignment.

In the chapter of Other operating expenseses, that includes games like outer services or tributes, the Being disbursed in the eight first months of the year 43.3 million Euros, 45.2% of 95.3 budgeted million. The income of RTVE in that same period promoted to 447.9 million Euros, that is to say, 56.8% of the 787, 5 million Euros contemplated in the budgets within the chapter Sales.

Predicted subsidys

As far as the subsidys to the operation that the public Being receives from the State, until the 31 of August it had received 52.4 of 81.4 predicted million. It is possible to remember that the state group of communication will receive other 575 million Euros directly additions of the General Budgets of the State, amount that the economic vice-president, Pedro Solbes, conditioned to that RTVE had elaborated a viability plan before end of the present year.


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