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The irruption of the Sixth threat the model of business of the televisions
The majority presence of the main audio-visual groups in the shareholders of the new channel generates distrust in its competitors, who yield their facilities to the partners of their rival

The main managers of 3 Antenna and Telecinco, the chains that distribute 50% of the televising market in Spain, deeply are worried about the beginning of the emissions about Sixth, the new channel that will compete by the substantial business of the television from the next spring. The preoccupation not obecede to the quota of advertizing market that can scratch the new chain, but to its shareholder composition.

A group of five audio-visual producers, led by Globomedia and Mediapro, in fusion process, controls 60% of the company, through the joint society Audio-visual Means Group of Production (Gamp). The producers presided over by Emilio Aragon and Jaume Roures have 47% of Sixth, whereas the Terrat, of Andreu Buenafuente; Drive, of Jose Manuel Lorenzo, and Bainet, of Kar them Arguiñano, controls another 13%.

The problem is in which the contents that produce these companies fill great part of the strip of prioritizes Time - the schedule of maximum hearing, main objective of the advertisers in the grills of 3 Antenna and Telecinco, with series like Serrano, Aída, Seven Lives, Companions and the men of Alpaca and programs as Buenafuente Falls that falls and. A high manager of one of the chains assures that once these producers begin to work for Sixth, he will be very complicated that we were created that they keep his better formats from programs for us.

During both last years, Antenna 3 and, mainly, Telecinco have significantly increased the weight of the own productions and co-productions in their grill. In the case of the company controlled by Mediaset, this type of programming represents already more than the seventy percent of the daily time of emission, against a little more the forty percent than it supposed in 2002.

But the difficulties of the new situation go further on and threaten breaking the present model of business of the televisions deprived in Spain. The chains base great part of their programming on the co-productions, in which the producers work with resources of the televisions to adapt their formats to the strategy and the image of chain that wants each company. In this model the facilities of the channels and great part of their equipment are used.

With the beginning of the Sixth, 3 Antenna and Telecinco they will refuse to give entrance to these producers in his businesses, since they would have to offer information to them on his plans of programming, key in the competitive strategy of these companies, and so, like minimum, the chains will demand that the productions are completely other people's.

From one of the private chains they assure that if these producers continue participating in Sixth, we will be forced to contract with other companies, something that would leave in a situation very inconveniences to companies like Globomedia.

A sector very atomized, but in consolidation

The fusion of Mediapro and Group Tree, the head of Globomedia, will give rise to the greater company of audio-visual production of Spain, with a invoicing of 350 million Euros. The televising production will comprise of this conglomerate, although its income as soon as they represent a 40% of the total. The integration of these two companies supposes the starting of the process of consolidation of the audio-visual business in Spain. At the end of the past year, there were 140 producers, in Spain, although only 45 of these had given more of a program to the television networks during the last exercise.

According to the data of the last report of the Deloitte consultant on the televising market, the six main Spanish independent television producers, between which they emphasize Gestmusic Endemol, Globomedia and Europroducciones, obtained a joint invoicing of 295 million Euros in 2004, a 14.3% more than in the previous exercise. In the last year, in addition, these companies are profiteer the greater demand on the part of the chains to improve their yield, when reducing the cost with the co-productions. The joint net benefit increased a 39%, up to 33 million Euros.

The series of fiction of national production win the ranking of hearings

The national series of fiction are the programs more seeing of the Spanish television, although the telerrealidad spaces are those that monopolize a greater space in the programmings, according to the conclusions of the Yearbook of television 2005, published by the Cabinet of Studies of Comunicación Audiovisual (GECA). In the ranking of the spaces more seeing of season 2004/05, with the unique exception of North American series C.S.I. (Telecinco), the nine first positions of the preferences of the spectators are monopolized by national series.

It is necessary to lower to the tenth position to find a program different from the series of fiction, to be with Great Brother, reality show produced by Endemol. The first positions of the ranking obtain the series Here are not some that live (7 million average spectators), of Antenna 3; Aída (5.9 million) and the Serrano (5.7 million), in the photo superior, of Telecinco, that heads the ranking.

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