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Hollywood channel reaches in November its record of hearing
Channel Hollywood, the channel of cinema produced by Multi-channel, increases followers month to month and reaches in November its better data of hearing since it initiated his emissions in Digital+, with a 2.5% of share of the platform

Hollywood channel began to emit in Digitalis the 19 of May of 2004 and since it started, with a quota of 1%, share has been increased of progressive form to both obtain in last months its better registries: 2.2% in October and 2.5% in November, which locates in the ranking of the ten channels more seeing to him, of more than one hundred on that Digital+ counts.

“The indiscreet window”, “You complete consequences”, “Crazy person”, “Eraser” or “the bonfire of the vanities”, seeing in November in Hollywood Channel were some of the titles more.

In addition, Hollywood Channel reinforced its supply with a new program dedicated to the cinematographic present time, “Hollywood Study”, that every week reviews the present time of the billboard with news articles and interviews to the directors and you interpret more representative.

The data of hearing of Digital+ confirms the pursuit of the channel that is also offered through cable operators. Hollywood channel is absolute leader of thematic channels, cable more satellite, with more of a million daily contacts and a 4.2% of share.

(NP, 08-12-05)

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