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Briton ITV closes her channel of the news of 24 hours
The televising operating major of the islands, ITV, decides to close its channel of the news of 24 hours to concentrate itself in other businesses after putting under a strategic revision its operations

Operator televising more great of England, ITV Plc, has declared that he will close the channel of the news of 24 hours ITV News Chanel, that is operated by ITN, of that is partial owner.

The decision is a great blow for ITN, that the past year lost a contract of production of the news with Chanel Five, which took to the lost one of about 70 jobs, according to a ITN spokeswoman commented.

ITV is owner of a 40% of ITN, whereas Reuters Group Plc, Daily Mail & General Trust and United Average Business are owners each of a 20%.

The deficit service of the news ITV News Service was sent in the 2000 and has battled to compete with Sky News de BSkyB and News 24, of the BBC.

The executive president of ITV, Charles Allen, announced that he wishes to buy the remaining portion of ITN. If it is not possible to do it, he will leave ITN contracts them finalize soon to produce the services of the news of ITV of internal way.

ITV said that it will redestinará 2 million pounds sterling (3.6 million dollars) to other areas of the news, including corresponsalía of Beijing and the expansion of his service of harvesting of the news in the British north.

What we have asked ourselves is how they will be the news in five or ten years. The answer is that they are going to be very different from the traditional format of services of 24 hours continuous of the news to which we are customary, said in an official notice Simon Shaps, televising director of ITV.

The channel will stop its emissions before finalizing January of 2006.


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