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The group Canal+ France surpasses the 5 million subscribers
This number, that adds the subscribers of the pay channel in the options analogical and via satellite, fulfills the forecasts realized by its people in charge for this year 2005

The chain Canal+ France (Astra, 19, º This), including in the supply via satellite of the CanalSat platform, has overcome the barrier of the 5 million subscribers, according to has announced the Canal+ group, branch of the Vivendi Universal group.

At the end of the past month of June, the pioneering chain of payment in Europe counted on 4.914.892 subscriptions (global portfolio of individual and collective subscriptions).

Surpassing the 5 million subscribers is considered by the Canal+ group like a stage in the development of the chain. This stage takes place in a year characterized by the publishing reactivation in the scopes of the cinema, the fiction and the sport, as well as the launching of the Canal+ option Him Bouquet, with multiplexado derived from Canal+.

At the end of August, the President of the committee of direction of the group Canal+, Bertrand Méheut, had showed that before finalizing this year 2005 already the 5 million subscriptions to Canal+ would have been surpassed, reason why their words have been fulfilled.


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