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The Latin Channel TV sends the campaign We are not Four We are three Million
The Latin Channel TV finishes sending his first centered graphical campaign in the phrase Is not Four, Is Three Million, result in the strategic agreement signed with the Telefónica company Public Telecommunications the past month of November

The public will be able to see the presence of the new Latin Channel TV in the 2,000 terminals of TTP with greater traffic of international calls in Spanish ground, located in the most important cities of the country.

Particularly in some points of Catalonia, the graph not only will cover the lateral ones with the public cabins, but it will occupy all the advertizing surface. Like for example those that are next to Public Institutions like the Consell of l´Audiovisual of Catalonia; Consell of the Informació de Catalonia; General Direcció of Mitjans i Serveis de Difusió Audiovisuals; Autonomous Government of Catalonia, Departament of the Presidency; Secretariat Rep to l´Inmigració; Ajuntament of Barcelona and Ajuntament de Sabadell.

Through this campaign, the Latin Channel tries to present its form to be and its relation with the hearing, settling definitively in the communicational scope, but without losing its spirit nor his intention of intercultural and collaborating means in the social task of integration of the community immigrant in our country.

In the same way that with Telephone, the Latin Channel TV continues making specific agreements with organizations that bet by their commercial capacity, interested in the opening of its markets towards the receptive volume that mass media has this new one in the Latin community. Mainly considering that great cities like Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia count already on a 10% approximate one of Latin American population.

The channel accessible in is abierto through Hispasat satellite (30º the West) in the frequency 11.578-H MHz (MR. 27500, FEC 3/4).

(NP, 16-12-05)

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