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Digital+ will increase its prices as of January
The ascent average is of the 4-5% in the different packages from the platform of Sogecable, although the worse part takes the most expensive packages to it and less the most affected they are those of inferior price

Each principle of year the subscribers of Digital+ have an appointment with the revision of prices of the different packages that compose the supply of the platform of television by satellite. If the past years this revision were controlled by the government because of the conditions established by the fusion between Digital Satelite channel and Via Digitalis, this Digital+ year has via free for its modification.

The ascent of prices will not be equal for all the packages and will affect coverall to those higher. The packages of Digital+ will raise surroundings a 7%, the packages of Canal+ will raise between 4 and 5% and the basic packages will raise approximately a 2%.

The prices approximately will be the following:

Total Digital+ 63 €

Digital+ Cinema /Deporte 58 €

Total Canal+ 48€

Canal+ Cinema/Sport 46€

Basic Cinema 40 €,

Basic 31 €

Digital Canal+ 26€.

The ascent would be realized gradually, as it comes being habitual in these. As soon as to the subscriber the annual contract finalizes to him, its automatic renovation already will include the new prices of the packages.

Digital+ will send a letter before the conclusion of this year to all subscribers informing to them into this modification of prices.


The previous ascents of this style realized by Digital+ (or previously CSD) were used to bringing some surprise under the arm in the form of new channels that would be added to the different affected packages. At the moment the rumors on this subject are very lifted, although there is no precise information that confir to me.


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