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BSkyB surpasses its objective to reach eight million clients in the United Kingdom
This was the level determined by the British platform to overcome the reduction in the pick up of new clients caused by an increase of the competition and the uncertainties in the domestic market

The executive director of the company of British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB), James Murdoch, explained that the group is in a while of strong growth, in whom near one of each three British homes has chosen Sky. We give thanks to our present ones and future clients to be united, added.

The own James Murdoch explained in addition who with this improvement in the business portfolio the company is in a superb position to unite its businesses of communications and entertainment.

On the other hand, he located in ten million subscribers the objective for 2010, which supposes a degree of penetration of 25%.

Against this optimism, some analysts warn of the high cost in publicity that could have had the pick up campaign.

BSkyB emits its amplest supply of channels through the position of 28,2º This.


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