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They prohibit to the Iranian state TV to spread western music
President Mahmud Ahmadineyad orders to the transmitters that do not spread western and declining music and that favors the one that remembers the Islamic revolution

In a new radical step that increases its confrontation with the governments of the West, the ultraconservative president of Iran, Mahmud Ahmadinejad, prohibited to the televising transmitters and radial state to spread western and declining music and he ordered to them to favor national music and the one that the time of the Islamic revolution of 1979 remembers.

From now on, the television and the radio must avoid to promote western and declining music, and to favor national and traditional music, as well as relajante music and the one that the time of the Islamic revolution of 1979 remembers, expressed Ahmadinejad according to mentioned the Iranian press.

The decision could have an immediate effect, since the agent chief executive also presides over the Supreme Council of the Islamic Revolution, whose decisions must be applied by the radios and national televisions. Although the average officials usually emit folk music and relajantes works, several programs are accompanied of melodies hip hop or tecno.

Ahmadinejad also ordered that the violence and the decay in the cinematographic industry are avoided, and the Ministry of Culture announced restrictions for the Iranian cinema and noticed that the films must be prohibited that insult the religion and the declining and stupid culture of the town and films.

The new initiative of the ultraconservative government is added to overheating that recently underwent the relations of Iran with several countries by the declarations of Ahmadinejad against Israel, country del that said that it would have to be erased of the map or to be transferred to European territory and which threatened a forceful answer before a hypothetical aggression, besides assuring that the Holocausto was a myth invented by the West.


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