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SES Astra will send to the Astra satellite 1KR in 2006
SES Astra has predicted to send this new satellite, that will be copositioned to 19,2º This, in April of the next year from Cabo Cane plantation (Florida)

The new Astra satellite 1KR will be sent to the space in a rocket Atlas V of the International Launch Services (ILS).

The launching is predicted for April of 2006 from Cabo Cane plantation (Florida), and Atlas of SES Astra is the first mission, ILS client for a long time.

Astra 1KR is one of both Astra satellites whose launching is predicted for next year, since Astra 1L is predicted for the fourth trimester of 2006.

The Astra 1KR will replace the Astra 1B and 1C

Lockheed Martin has been constructing in a2100 platform the Astra 1KR that will have 32 active transponders in Ku band (in the frequency band FSS), with a power in the tube of travelling waves (TWTA) of 140 watts and will have Pan-European cover.

With a weight approximated at the time of the launching of 4,200 kilos and one life considered of 15 years, the main mission of the satellite, after the insolvent mission of the Astra 1K in November of 2002, will be to replace the Astra 1B and 1C in the main orbital position of SES in the European continent to 19,2° This.


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