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They denounce that ilegaliza Iran channel television via satellite
The organization Opposite Reporters without (RSF) denunciation that the Iranian authorities have declared illegal the television channel Saba TV, which has brought about the postponement of its launching

Devised by the ex- president of the Iranian parliament Mehdi Karubi, a monk next to the reformists, “Saba TV” she tries “to inform objective and impartially on Iran to the spectators of Persian speech in the world”, she indicates RSF in an official notice.

“This new prohibition shows to what extent it is difficult to escape to the censorship that exerts the Supreme Council of the National Security on mass media”, it indicated the organization of defense of the freedom of press.

The leaders of the chain, that would have to emit from Dubai, chose to postpone the date of their launching and announced their intention to denounce the Secretary General of the Council, Ali Larijani, to which they consider person in charge of the prohibition.

This same organism prevented to mass media to spread information or to emit publicity that announced the imminent launching of “Saba TV”, indicated the organization.

Karubi was the past accused summer by top Iranian leaders of “antinationalism” and “affection towards the western ones”, according to RSF.

The Iranian Constitution prohibits to the radio transmitters and to the television networks to operate outside the state control, needed.

He remembered that the Council prevented to Iranian newspapers to inform on the accident into a military airplane that took place in Tehran day 6 the past and in that died 84 journalists.

In addition, he indicated that organism does not allow mass media to make mention to the Iranian nuclear subject.

(Agencies, 28-12-05)

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