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The Hispanic chains burst in into the hearings in the United States
The Hispanics suppose 41.3 million legal inhabitants and other 8 million without entering in the North American country being Telemundo and Univisión the unique ones that measure the Latin hearings

The Hispanics suppose a force of 41.3 million legal inhabitants and other eight million without entering in the United States. This evident height of the Spanish language in the American streets, companies and families has become echo in the two more important Latin television networks that, shortly, they will compete in the national index of Nielsen hearing, which could impel the disappearance of the Hispanic index and implant a unique system for all the chains.

If the past 19 of December occurred to know the news that Univisión, the more important Hispanic channel of the American territory, had reached an agreement with the Nielsen company to enter to comprise of the Index of National Television (NTI), his nearer competitor, Telemundo, did not waste the time and communicated days after it would follow the passages of its opponent, a fact that supposes a new tendency in the televising industry of the United States and that could mark the beginning of a new era.

By a unique system

Until the moment, as much Telemundo, that it belongs to the NBC Universal group, like Univisión been have subscribed to the NHTI (National Hispanic Television Index, service of Nielsen of data of Hispanic televisions), that only measures Latin hearings. Both will continue related to this system until September of 2007, but its entrance to the national level makes speculate whereupon by then the Hispanic index disappears and that is a unique system for all the chains. The new method would have to be based on a sample of 10,000 homes with audímetros, and it has already been begun to implant in the most important cities of the country.

For both chains the entrance in the national measurement of hearing will suppose an enormous benefit. “From now on, when the advertisers look for their public, they will have a vehicle to evaluate the Hispanic hearing and to compare it with the English-speaker”, affirmed the president of Telemundo, Don Browne. Until this moment, the agencies that wanted to invest in Univisión had to subscribe to the service of Nielsen of data of Hispanic televisions.

This economic impulse that already supposes playing in the count of the “national league” of spectators has been noticed by the rest of Hispanic channels that can be seen in the American television. In January, it is hoped that it is also gotten up to the Aztec NTI America, the new chain in Spanish Aztec Mexican cluster property, that has arrived already at the number necessary of homes to be member of the group of the national chains.

(ABC, 29-12-05)

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