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The television consumption was reduced in 2005, especially in children
The time that the Spanish viewers happen on a daily basis in front of the television has reduced slightly in 2005, when being placed in 216 minutes, two less than the previous year

Nevertheless, this reduction has been noticeably greater if it is the infantile group. According to data of Corporation Multimedia, the hearing with ages between 4 and 12 years has happened in 2005 an average of 142 minutes daily seeing tele, while the past year they were 151 minutes.

In a study presented/displayed recently by the Association of Viewers and Radioyentes (ATR) the lack of programs directed to the children in the majority of generalist chains was stated, and that in fact, the 2 of the TVE only included sufficient an infantile supply.

The statistic of televising consumption of 2005, that picks up data until the 28 of December, detects nevertheless that the television consumption enters housewives has been placed in 271 minutes this year, only two less than in 2004, but very over the average of the population. Between adolescents the televising consumption stays in terms similar to those of the past year.

(Agencies, 29-12-05)

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