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TV3 attributes the loss of hearing to errors in the sample
The autonomic TV Catalan denunciation that the hearing data that provide the company of Sofres audiometry are erroneous and that clearly harms the televisions that they emit in Catalan

The director of Televisió de Catalunya (TVC), Francesc Notary public, considers that in the sample of 440 homes with audímetros (of which the data of teleconsumo in Catalonia are extrapolated) the catalanohablante home is infrarepresented.

The proportion of castellanoparlantes homes with audímetro is over-sized with respect to the reality that reflects the d'Estadística Institut of Catalonia (Idescat), said Notary public. The Idescat indicates that a 44.3% of the homes are catalanohablantes. The sample of Sofres says that they are 35.8%.

For that reason we requested a correction in the representation of catalanohablantes homes. This request became before the summer, when detecting the failure, but the past week the committee of users of Sofres voted not to apply this rectification.

Barça: Champion and third party

The alarm signal arrived the 15 from May, day that the Barça gained Liga: the hearings of TV-3 with the celebrations of the Barça were the third space of the day after generalist programs of the 3 Antenna and Telecinco. Before something so surprising, we studied what happened and we discovered that, between the values of balance of the homes with audímetro, he was not the one of the language, explains Notary public. He is anomalous that in the sample, the Castilian home is 10 and 12 points over the Catalan, when it is not thus in the Catalan reality. And that harms to us mainly in the cinema: it is seen plus that it is emitted in Castilian. Altogether, we calculated it harms that us in 1,5 points of quota to the month.

The TVC direction raised the complaint to Sofres, that recognized that it did not have explanation and, with a correct behavior, decided to raise to re-balance the language.

The deception arrived the past week: the organism that audits to Sofres, the Association for the Means Investigation of Comunicación (AIMC), issued an unfavorable report to the change of the sample. Thus, the committee of users of Sofres, del who comprise Telecinco among others and Antena 3 (interested in not touching the sample), voted to follow the AIMC advice. It disqualifies the study of the Idescat and proposes of reference the one of the General Medios Study (EGM), that makes they says Notary public. He is little ethical to discredit to the Idescat only in own benefit and thinking about his interests: if it accepted the study of the Idescat it would recognize that the EGM is erroneous.

(the Newspaper, 30-12-05)

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