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Telefónica and Sogecable send the Trio+
The supply includes TV of payment by satellite, ADSL of 3 megas and voice in spite of the sanctioning investigation initiated to verify if the product is in opposition to the Law of Defense of the Competition and to the Treaty of the European Community

The file of Competition does not paralyze the commercialization of the “Trio+”, although if the organism esteem that are competition problems, can interrupt it.

In particular, the price of the “Trio+” will be the sum of the prices separately from the services, that is to say, the 47.44 Euros that the “Pair” of Telephone costs plus the 26.95 Euros of Digital+ (IVA including).

Telefónica and Sogecable signed an agreement in June to offer services of telecommunications and satelite digital television, as well as to collaborate in the purchase of contents of pay television in the Spanish market.

The agreement contemplated that Telefónica and Sogecable would commercialize the “Trio+ jointly” and included the purchase, on the part of Sogecable, of contents of the platform of TV-IP Imagenio of the multinational that Caesar Alierta presides over.