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Digital+ finalizes the process of change of codification of Nagravisión
The totality of channels of the supply of the platform of Sogecable already has left the old system of conditional access Nagravisión 2 reason why they have stopped being accessible for the piracy

According to it has been come off several forums of Internet, the totality of these channels have stopped being accessible for the fraudulent practices of the “piracy, culminating therefore the open process for some weeks.

One is the channels that Digital+ supplies so much in the Astra satellites as in Hispasat, which they use the new system that is known like Nagravisión 3, developed by the Swiss company Kudelski S.A. and is that the renovation of new cards decoders has been carried out with the aim of allowing a greater protection of all the emissions of the platform of Sogecable.

This measurement leaves the piracy “out of service”, that affected to the platform, that is to say, all the illegal practices of fraudulent vision of the channels of Digital+.

This operation offers one better decoding of the technology of last generation, that allows to increase the protection of the rights of emission of the ample supply of Digital+.

The new cards are of white color and take built-in modifications in the system of conditional access. The operative one of card substitution has not supposed any change in the receivers or the direction of the satellite dishes of the subscribers of the platform. These, simply have had to change them by the old ones following the instructions.

The new cards are compatible with the new services sent through iPlus, the decoder of new generation that tells on hard disk and that it at any time records and it reproduces the supply of Digital+ and the TDT.

The subscribers to Digital+ with the antenna oriented towards the orbital position of 19,2º This and who accede to the supply of the platform through system of conditional access Mediaguard will follow with the same card decoder inasmuch as any change has not been realized on the matter.

Digital+ has 2.046.000 subscribers to date of 30 of September of 2007, according to the official data of Sogecable. It emits his programming codified through the satellites Astra (19,2º This) and Hispasat (30º the West) using the systems of conditional access Nagravisión and Mediaguard.


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