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The digital TV generates confusion between the spectators, according to the consumers
The development of the digital television in its different systems (satellite, cable, ADSL, TDT) supposes a multiplication of the audio-visual supply that it generates, in many cases, a great confusion between the spectators

It is the conclusion at which the Association from Users of Comunicación has arrived (AUC), after realizing a valuation of the strongpoints and weak of the different supplies from digital television.

With respect to the digital television by satellite, that at the moment counts on Digitalis + like unique platform, the AUC says that their strongpoints are the variety and quality of the channels; the soccer and the films in payment by vision, and the information that offer the electronic guides of programming. Between his weak points it emphasizes the price, that it is elevated of the market; the impossibility to offer other services of electronic communications (Internet, telephony), and a compared relatively low interactivity with other systems. In addition, the climatologic effects cause the loss of reception of the signal.

As far as the digital television by cable, whose main operator is Ono, the AUC indicates that it offers competitive prices much more, although its supply of channels more is reduced. The interactive systems “are little friendly” for the user or suffer from sufficient information, and they face the problem of the lack of network infrastructure.

The television by ADSL, like Imagenio, is, according to the association, the one that at present represents the most attractive supply for the user. Account with an ample variety of channels; prices very fit; “very friendly” operating systems, and the television to the developed letter more of the market. Its main weak point is the lack of penetration beyond the great cities.

Finally, with regard to the terrestrial digital television (TDT), the AUC states that in spite of the efforts realized by the Ministry of Industry, a great reluctance of the spectators still exists towards this system by the lack of attractive contents. Before the multiplication of supplies at state level, autonomic and local, it sees difficult that it can stay like gratuitous television, which at the present time constitutes his main trick.