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The EU acts against Italy to emit too many announcements in TV
The European Commission lance legal actions against Italy to allow too many announcements, a decision that could affect the Mediaset group, controlled by ex- prime minister Silvio Berlusconi

“The chains need the advertisers and the advertisers need to the chains, but we must also offer an effective protection to the consumer. What in fact we needed are the responsible announcements”, said Viviane Reding, Means commissariats of the EU.

The decision concentrates in the form in which the telesales and the promotions contribute to break the limit of the EU of 12 minutes of publicity per hour and other problems, said the Commission.

“In addition, basic the advertizing norms, like which they assure the respect by the human dignity and the nondiscrimination, are not fulfilled in the autopromocionales messages that are emitted in the Italian television”, it said the Commission in an official notice.

The Italian legislation that penalizes these lack he is in addition too weak, added.

The European Commission gave to Italy two months to respond to its “letter of formal notification”.

According to the system of infractions of the EU, the countries they can be taken before the European of Justice and fined Court, a process that can take years.

The Italian television is dominated by state chain RAI and Mediaset.


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