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MTV sends the movable television channel MTV RAP
Hop, more important the urban musical movement of the moment is the first movable television channel in Spain dedicated to the world of hip

MTV Rap, the first movable television channel in Spain dedicated to hip hop, will pay special attention to rap national, more and more in height, without losing of view to great international stars.

MTV Rap is the first channel of MTV that is born to specialize around a very concrete hearing, segmenting its interests and looking for to increase its degree of satisfaction with the service. MTV Rap already is available in the service of movable television of Vodafone live TV!

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is made up of four indissoluble elements: Rap, Dj, Break Dance and Graffiti. It moves 10,000 million dollars to the year anywhere in the world and is the 70 percent of the disc sales in the USA (Source: Forbes).

In Spain it has more than 15 exclusive festivales of Hip Hop, being the Urban Culture (30,000 assistants) and the Hipnotik Festival (15.000) most important. It has in Barcelona, Saragossa, Madrid, Seville, the Balearics or the Canary Islands. The Festivales de Electrónica more important (Monegros, Sonar, BAM) already includes a scene only of Hip Hop.

The more important Spanish artists make golden record (40,000 copies) with each new launching without hardly promotion.

Hip Hop is a youthful tendency in height anywhere in the world, and nevertheless it follows outside the commercial circles in Spain. MTV comes to provide an important center of attention to all a great mass of unheeded public.


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