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National Geographic Music, new abierto channel in Eutelsat W2
One is a new channel of this prestigious company of documentary that starts in Europe for the British and Italian market emitting its abierto technical connection in through the orbital position of 16º This

National Geographic Music has begun its emissions through satellite Eutelsat W2 (16º This) in the frequency 11.078-H MHz (MR. 5209, FEC 5/6).

Initially, the channel that it emits in SCPC (Even Single Chanel Carrier) can find in open although it is of supposition that in the next days or weeks can be codified. In fact, this one signal serves as it connects technician to distribute itself to the television operators, is via satellite or by cable, of all Europe.

The prestigious international chain of documentary confirms thus its intentions when the past summer already announced the creation of a new musical channel that it tries to compete with popular the MTV of the Viacom group

This new channel surprises because distance significantly of the productions them that it has customary National to us Geographic to date.

Nat Geo Music will emit from its birth through the platforms Digital Sky (BSkyB) and Sky Italy, both property of Murdoch.

Image of National Geographic Music


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