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The TVE will create a cultural channel of 24 hours by TDT
The thematic cultural channel will be born under the vocation from being the “ART” in Spanish and it will foreseeably start up in 2010, with technology TDT after the analogical blackout

The minister of Culture, Caesar Antonio Oil mill, has assured that cultural the thematic channel of TDT that have decided to create their department and the TVE will be born with the vocation from being “our channel ART in Spanish”.

During a lecture given in the Forum of the New Society, organized by New Fórum Economy, the minister said that the future channel will be “the great channel of diffusion” of the Spanish culture abroad, mainly in Latin America, and for it will offer during 24 hours to the day the news of the cultural activity that becomes in this country.

The Ministry of Culture will contribute to economic bottoms and specific contents, as well as the management before third parties to obtain the cession of rights.


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