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The digital television of Italy invoices 2.5 millardos of Euros
The 1,500 existing television channels in the Italian country invoiced this economic amount during the 2006 exercise, according to is come off a study

LAsí li considers the Osservatorio New TV della School of Management of the Polytechnical one I gave Milan, like conclusion of a convention on the digital television in Italy.

The report repate in three categories the invoicing of the digital televisions available in Italy starting off of the different options by which they can be caught: TDT, IPTV, satellite, Web TV and movable TV.

As expected, the platform via satellite Sky Italy takes to the palm to the being the one that greater economic invoicing realized during year 2006, in particular a 92% of the total of the televisions that they emit by satellite.

Sky Italy has 4.240.000 subscribers at present, according to the official data of the month of October.

Sky Italy emits its supply codified under the system of conditional access in the orbital position of 13º This of the satellites Eutelsat Hot IBRD.


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