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The French platform Twice begins to emit in the satellite Atlantic IBRD 3
The supply of channels is accessible already through the orbital position of 5º the West of Atlantic IBRD 3 after it began to commercialize the 10 of December

The package Twice reunites 25 television networks between which they appear the historical national French chains and of TV Digital Terrestre (TNT). In complement of this basic supply, different options also set out, like the one of cinema.

The tariffs for the different supplies go from the 4.90 to 13.90 Euros to the month.

French operator AB Groupe has decided to twice send simultaneously to her new package on two orbital positions different from Eutelsat remembering that the residents in France have their oriented satellite dishes of majority and històrica form towards 13º This and from 5º the West.

In the tactical mission of the position Hot IBRD, to 13º This, the hearing in France settles down in 2,8 million homes and that the most important election of accessible chains reunites in abierto in France with 500 programs of television.

Through satellite Atlantic IBRD 3 to 5° the West, that constitutes a position of historical television broadcasting in France, makes sure the direct diffusion the national chains analogical French for 2 million homes, located next to the terrestrial remisores of television.

The arrival of the package Twice on the satellite Atlnatic IBRD 3 will allow all these homes to accede immediately to an ample election of digital television networks to an attractive price without having to reorient its antenna.

The satellite Atlantic IBRD 3 assures, in addition, the professional distribution of the multiplex one of TNT towards the terrestrial remisores. The packages of installment for the new supply Twice include the decoder and the card of conditional access Viaccess.


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