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The disappearance of SexView XXX gets upset users Neotion the product
The Neotion company sent years ago its receivers and their CAM, like the Joker or the Z Cam Blue, promising the gratuitous access of a channel for adults until year 2010

At beginnings of this decade, the Neotion company sent its first receiver, a Sky Box, that later would be red-baptize by legal reasons like NeotionBox 3000. In its launching, Neotion offered like interesting reclamation between its possible buyers and thanks to their software and to its encryption SHL the gratuitous access of the channel for adults Free X TV.

The publicity very clearly left vision it of this channel would be until year 2010. After a time, the channel Free X TV stopped comprising of the supply of Neotion and this one replaced by two channels Full X TV through 13º This of Eutelsat Hot IBRD and by another channel, Full X TV 3 in Astra (19,2º This).

Of this form, the possessors of any Neotion product could continue having access contents of explicit sex. History would later repeat with the disappearance of Full X TV. The incursion of Sex View XXX would fill to the hollow reason why the users of Neotion receivers or CAMS of the same mark (Joker Cam, Blue Z…) they could follow with the visionado one of a chain X.

Sex View XXX has disappeared definitively of the frequency 12.360-H MHz (MR. 27500, FEC 3/4) of Eutelsat Hot IBRD. The people in charge of this chain have sent two new versions: Sex 264 View and Sex View HQ, initiating a new commercialization of its extensive package of channels for adults.

Conclusion: Neotion has stopped having, as it announced at the time and valid until year 2010, a channel for adults. The malaise and the annoyance between the possessors of these products can be stated in several fórums European dedicated to the television via satellite. They show its contrariedad and they do not hide that “they have been deceived” when still they lacked two years to be fulfilled the term announced.

Wholesalers and stores also are opposed when still having an extensive product stock of this mark, like the CAM, that now hardly will have exit in the market.

Images of Free X TV, Full X TV and Sex View XXX

(SatCesc, 19/12/07)

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