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Four and Digital+ will emit the Eurocopa of 2008 soccer
Four will emit in open the encounter of the Spanish selection and the rest of encounter considered like of general interest, whereas the rest is emitted through their platform of payment

Sogecable has acquired the rights of Eurocopa 2008. The platform of Digital payment will +ofrecerá the 31 parties of the competition and Four will emit in open all the parties of the Spanish selection.

Besides the broadcastings in direct, Sogecable, the propietary company of Digital+ and Four, has also acquired the exclusive right for the emission of the summaries of all the encounter and the rights to emit in deferred the totality from the competition.

The purchase on the part of Sogecable of this event arrives after having lost the rights of the Spanish league facing the next year, as well as those of the Premier League and the exclusive feature of Calcium.

Four a sport competition in its grill for the next season, after having lost makes sure therefore the rights of the Motociclismo the last year, acquired by the TVE.

Sogecable has acquired mentioned right for any technology of transmission of television including the emission of the parties in high resolution.

The Eurocopa, that disputes in Austria and Switzerland between the 7 and the 28 of June, constituted one of the televising attractive maximums facing the next year and the set of the chains had bid up by him. Spain will play in Austria the three first encounter of the previous phase of group D and will make debut the 10 of June in front of the Russia that directs Guus Hiddink in Innsbruck.


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