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Sixth he will be profitable in 2009 with a 8% of share
The Sixth delay to begin to obtain benefits in 2009, that will correspond with a quota of screen of the 7-8% of share, according to has indicated its adviser delegated, Jose Miguel Contreras

The manager of laSexta indicated that the chain “will close December with a quota superior to 5% of share, being the first time that we surpassed this number with standard programming, without great sport events”.

Jose Miguel Contreras described the economic results as laSexta of “spectacular”, although “still we have not arrived at the end of ours first stage”.

Sixth the triple has grown east year that Four

Contreras explained that laSexta has been the unique chain that has grown in this year (+2,5 points) next to Four (+0.5), whereas the rest is lost quota.

The adviser delegated of laSexta attributes east growth, among others factors, to the “good operation of our three products stars (“I know what you did”, “the interval” and “Buenafuente”) in the three bands of the day”.

Contreras was “surprised” optimist and by the good results of the chain. “They are better than we hoped, although we know that someday we will touch ceiling and begin to suffer”.

Objective: To reach the yield in 2009 with a 8% of share

Its forecast for the 2008 is to try to arrive at 6% of hearing and that the first benefits are obtained in 2009 instead of 2010, as they had anticipated initially. The manager of laSexta calculates that “when the chain does a 7-8% of share, we will be already On guard to obtain benefits”.


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