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The Venezuelan satellite Simon Bolivar will be sent in 2008
Once in orbit, Venezuela will have total autonomy of the satellite that will give total cover to all the national territory with a life utility of 15 years and with the benefit of several services, not only the one of telecommunications

The Venezuelan satellite Simon Bolivar will be sent during the second semester of 2008, according to the forecasts of the Ministry of the Popular Power for Science and Technology.

The satellite Simon Bolivar also will offer services like telephony, transmission of information between two or more places, transmission of television signal and will offer lodging to Latin American programs.

Also, the project looks for to take care of the needs national of information and communication of the organisms governmental public, productive centers, social organizations and communities, by means of the development of a satelite network with social aims.

Among others benefits the regions whose geographic location is isolated and distant will be able at a distance to have access to educative programs and of public health (telemedicine), through the satelite network.

Also one hopes that the infocentros and bolivarianos centers of Computer science and Telemática (CBIT) of the most remote zones are connected with this satellite.

In November of 2005 a contract for the development of the project was signed in the Asian nation on the use Pacific of the space between the Government of the People's Republic of China and Venezuela, with the presence of the president of the Republic, Hugo Rafael Cold Chávez.

In this China project it participates like supplier and generator of satelite technological transference. Reason for which a group of 90 Venezuelans is in this nation realizing studies of postgraduates related to the operation of the satellite.

Of the east group of Venezuelans, 15 will attend doctorates, 15 masters in diverse tie aerospace areas to the manufacture of the satelite technology and the 60 rest will become qualified for the control of orbit and handling of traffic.

All the design and elaboration of the satellite, that is executed in joint form between Chinese Venezuelans and, of Telecommunications will be realized under the specifications of the International Unit.

(ABN, 21/12/07)

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