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The Commission of the Competition recommends to BSkyB that sells ITV
The British regulator affirms that the supplier of pay television would have to sell all actions or to trim its participation below 7.5%, besides promising that it will not take a seat in the Council from ITV

The Commission of the Competition has recommended to BSkyB that sells part of their participation in their rival ITV, in that at the moment owns a 17.9%.

According to the report, the Commission thinks that the participation of BSkyB in ITV too much is elevated and that could block special resolutions, besides limiting the strategic options of ITV, like for example its capacity to elevate bottoms.

The two companies, rivals in the United Kingdom, have said that they will study the report and they will hope to that the Government makes a decision on the matter. John Hutton, Minister of Business and Companies, are 30 to pronounce themselves on the published report.

BSkyB has commented, nevertheless, that it did not look for to influence in the ITV business and that bought the actions like a mere investment. Average Virgin does not have to be too much in agreement with this confirmation, since it accuses BSkyB to block with his purchase a takeover on ITV.

(Agencies, 21/12/07)

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