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The Argentine chain All News arrives at Europe
This prestigious informative channel, that was born 13 years ago now, can now attract in the old continent thanks to the Intelsat satellite 3R in the orbital position of 43º the West

All News emit in open in the frequency 12.693-V MHz (MR. 13235, FEC 3/4) of the Intelsat satellite 3R with a magnificent cover coverall, in the South zone of Europe.

All News (TN) are a television channel by cable of Argentina cluster property Bugler. Oriented to the treatment of subjects of the present time and with the centered programming in permanent news programmes and with cover in all the Argentine country.

TN is considered like the channel of the news with more hearing in this South American country. According to its own statistics, its potential hearing is of 4.500.000 people. It even occupies the first positions in the indices of hearing of the television by cable, surpassing in the last years to other channels of the sort like Chronic TV.

All News already were accessible in Europe, in particular in Spain, when part in an agreement with Spanish Antenna 3 now initiated its emissions 13 years ago forming TV. It could attract in open and analogical through Hispasat satellite 1B (30º the West).

Image of All News


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