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Premiere Star will incorporate the Romance channel of soap operas TV
One is a new chain dedicated to the TV movies, romantic soap operas, films and series, following the style of other channels of similar characteristics like Romantic or Soap operas

In fact, the German platform Premiere did not arrange until the moment of any channel of these characteristics.

The presence of Romance TV will be a reality in Premiere Star from the 14 of February of 2008 and to be able to be seen it will be necessary to be subscriber to the Germanic platform of payment.

Romance TV will be nourished basically of South American productions like it makes his channel homonymous Romance TV, destined to the televising market of East Europe. It will be able to be followed as much in German language as in original version. The channel will emit during the 24 hours of the day and the date of the 14 of February like starting when being the day of the enamored ones has been esogido, San Valentin.


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