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Some channels of French TPS will be eliminated of CanalSat
The lack of transponders without service in the orbital position of 19,2º This of Astra will force the French platform CanalSat to do without some channels of the old TPS

When it was reached the agreement of fusion of CanalSat and TPS agreed to the channels that would integrate the new French resulting platform, that with time it will have to leave the satellite Eutelsat Hot IBRD (13º This).

However, the future reality will be different inasmuch as all these channels could not be present in the Astra, indeed for want of space from the fleet of satellites. One is channels like M6, Odissey or Baby TV, that initially could not be integrated in CanalSat.

Paradoxicalally, the platform via French satellite also has announced the beginning of three new channels for year 2008.


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