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28 stopped in Spain to piratear the signal of the payment TV
Between the arrested ones they appear holders and administrators of hotel establishments, responsible for local networks of television by cable, presidents of neighbor communities and installers

Agents of the National Police have stopped to 28 people like presumed people in charge of diverse crimes against the intellectual property and fraud of the telecommunications, by piratear the signal of pay televisions, causing damages for about eight million Euros.

The police operation began as a result of the denunciations interposed by the harmed organizations. As a result of the realized investigations registries in emitting centers of television and addresses, social practiced as as much particular, of titular companies of local cable networks.

They were located in the Malagan localities of of Nerja and San Pedro de Alcántara; in the Sevillan of Puebla of the River and Coria of the River; in Val of San Lorenzo (Leon); and in the Madrilenian locality of Fuenlabrada, and they were used for “teledistribuir” of illicit way channels of conditional access.

Besides these contents, they realized purchases of emissions of payment by vision (soccer match, bullfighting films, bullfights, etc), and once descodificados, redistributed the signal of nonauthorized way to its “clients”, who paid a quota like subscribers to the local networks or to third parties.

During another phase of investigation, illicit distributions in hotels and neighbor communities were located. They used a unique decoder, corresponding to a subscription like particular subscriber (individual), used and it for “mounting” a head from which the contents of conditional access in each room of the hotel or the houses of the community were distributed.

By these facts four hotel establishments in the localities of Soria have been inspected; Tuy and Bayonne in Pontevedra; and in Astorga (Leon); besides four neighbor communities in Elche (Alicante), Apple orchards (Ciudad Real) and Dark-brown of the River (Seville).

Altogether, a total of 52 decoders and 29 cards of conditional access has been found, along with diverse accrediting documentation of the maintained illicit activity. In some cases it has been come to the physical desinstalación of the amplifiers of signal located in the public thoroughfare and of the aerial cable laying that was used for the distribution as contents the subscribers as the taken part local networks.


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