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Brazil is sent to the TDT and determines the blackout for June of 2016
Brazil gives green light to the era of the digital television with official transmissions in its main city, Sao Paulo, with doubts on its fast expansion due to the high prices

The decree approved in June of 2006 establishes that the end of the present analogical transmissions will be the 29 of June of 2016. The second city in receiving the system will be Rio de Janeiro, in May of 2008.

The new technology offers better quality of image and sound, but only for those who they have a digital receiver or a television with that integrated system.

A video of few minutes that explains the advantages of the digital television and an uprising of the Brazilian president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, transmitted simultaneously by six different networks of television from 20,30 from today (22,30 GMT) was first the programs in digital system passed on in the country.

“The Brazilian television enters the digital era today. It begins in the city of Sao Paulo a process that is going to allow a great technological jump, economic, social and cultural for Brazil”, affirmed the Chief of State in his message, in which it described the beginning as the transmissions in digital system like an historical landmark.

According to the governor, the system will significantly increase the spaces of diffusion of the culture and will abrirá a gigantic market for the dedicated industry to the production of apparatuses, antennas and decoders of television.

Lula emphasized the gratuitous character of the digital television in Brazil, since the transmissions will be done not only by the channels by subscription but also by the open ones.

The DS can be caught from today in Sao Paulo, the greater city of the country, but the system will be extended in April from the next year to Rio de Janeiro; in June to Brasilia and Belo Horizonte and October to Strength.

According to the calendar of the Government, the DS will arrive at all the capitals of the country at the end of 2008 and at the other cities and countryside in 2013.

(Agencies, 03/12/07)

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