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The consumption of television in Spain goes off
For want of a month so that the year finishes, this 2007 go way to pulverize all the historical registries of consumption of television in Spain

According to data facilitated by Corporation Multimedia, between January and November the Spaniards spent an average of 221 minutes every day in front of the small screen, that is to say, more than three hour and a half.

In the same period of the last year, the television consumption ascended to 216 minutes and in the 2006 set, the average rose to 217 minutes, since December usually is a month that, by the cold, reflects an increase in the television consumption.

Until now, the greater consumption of television in Spain took place in 2004, with 218 minutes by person and day, and in both following years it stayed in 217 minutes. In which it goes of 2007, they emphasize the strong consumptions of television in January, with 243 minutes, and also of this just turned month of November, with 238 minutes.

In another televising front, the concealed publicity or the excess of announcements concentrates good part of the imposed penalties in which it goes of year by the Ministry of Industry to the television networks to fail to fulfill the law of Television without Borders.

In 2007, the infringements to this norm have given rise to the opening of 18 files, almost half that in all 2006.

In spite of it they have increased so much the number of infractions -261 in 2007, against the 138 in 2006 - as the quantities of the sanctions. This way, the Ministry of Industry has imposed in which that goes of year near 4.4 million Euros in fines to the chains, whereas to equal period of the preceding exercise the post rose to a little more 3.6 million Euros.


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