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Bertelsmann studies to acquire the group of television RTL
The German mass media partnership Bertelsmann studies the complete acquisition of the Luxemburgish group of television RTL, del that at the moment owns a participation of 89.8%

Spokesmen of both companies assured that Bertelsmann has interest in taking control of the percentage that still it does not own in the greater televising group of Europe, reason why confirmed a information of the American newspaper “Wall Street Journal”.

The advice of monitoring of Bertelsmann still does not have I decide if he will send a supply, that, in any case, would not surpass the 82 Euros by action of group RTL, according to the German company.

With the acquisition, Bertelsmann wants to reduce to costs of administration and other synergies.

Bertelsmann had a net benefit of 132 million Euros (194 million dollars) of January to September, a 65 percent less than in the same months of 2006.

The backward movement had to the extraordinary effects by the reached extrajudicial agreements in the demands against the vestibule of gratuitous unloading of Napster music and to the payment of a fine to prevent the competition of 96 million Euros (141 million dollars).

After the purchase of Napster in 2000, Bertelsmann had to do in front of a judicial process in his against in the USA, that settled with extrajudicial agreements with record Briton EMI and the American Warner Music Group.

The Germanic group Bertelsmann is also the proprietor of the book publishing house Random House, the company of magazines Grüner + Jahr, musical producer BMG and the circles of readers, among others companies.

(Agencies, 05/12/07)

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