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Real Madrid TV returns to emit in abierto by Hispasat and Astra
The channel returns to emit in open through the orbital positions of 30º the West of Hispasat and 19,2º This of Astra 1L although it is predicted that it is necessary to be subscriber to follow its programming

The signal or emiitíó in abierto during some months through the satellites Astra and Eutelsat but from first of October went to codify themselves reason why it is necessary to be subscriber to anyone of the platforms supply that it, among them Digital+ in Spain or BSkyB in the United Kingdom.

Now, after leaving its emission in open through Hispasat, the white channel again returns in the same frequency 12.092-V MHz, although with the forecast completely leaves that it in the next days. Equal has happened with the Astra satellite 1L. Real Madrid TV can return to attract in open in the frequency 11.509-V MHz (MR. 22000, FEC 5/6).

The channel was sent year 1999 and from that one moment it began to be of payment although later it would abriría its signal for the delight of the fans of the white club.

The first emissions in abierto of Real Madrid TV date from first from February of 2005 taking the relief to the payment option that to date was only accessible for the subscribers.

With a potential hearing of more than 1,000 million people, a new programming produced by Royal Average/Mediapro was born, where it mixes the information in direct, the programs and the soccers match like main menu.

Image of Real Madrid TV


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