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Record of sales of TDT decoders
The sale of decoders of Terrestrial Digital TV in October in Spain reached a new historical maximum thanks to the sales of televisions of flat screen with integrated tuner, when ascending to a total of 471,992 equipment

The televisions with integrated tuner ascended to 225,792 units, a 60% superior to the average.

Due to this increase, the total market of televisions has grown a 10% between January and October, compared with the same period of 2006. Of this form, the number of tuners TDT acquired until October of 2007 is 6.956.176 units, according to a report of the association Impels TDT, that esteem that after the sales of the month will close the year having surpassed the number of the 8 million sold units.

Month in the last analyzed December and January with 450 and 469 thousands of units were even surpassed the sales of the months of the past Christmas campaign -, respectively, whereas the total number of sales of external decoders has grown a 8.4% against the previous month.

By second consecutive month, it has increased the number of sold external decoders TDT, consolidating the tendency to the rise of these apparatuses.

Finally, according to September data, up to 569,831 buildings they have or the collective antenna prepared to receive TDT, which supposes a 47% of the total universe of buildings of three or the more houses.


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