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The satellite Eurobird 9 activates a new transponder
12.034-V MHz is the frequency with the inclusion of several channels in abierto like RIT TV), RTVi Middle-East, World Fashion Chanel and 24 France Arabic being others

Of this form the orbital position of 9º of satelite operator Eutelsat sugue increasing the number of chains. In the same frequency also other codified channels are present as the French Draws up TV, Russians RTV International, Detski Mir, Teleklub, Nashe Kino and RTVI-M. All of them use the systems of conditional access Viaccess and Conax.

The previous channels in getting up itself in the supply in abierto of Eurobird 9 produho in the middle of past November being able to tune the musical comedies Alive, C-Music, UB4 Music and The Musik. In order to be able to accede to the list of channels with its respective frequencies of the satellite Eurobird 9 a can be acceded:".

In spite of being in an orbit very near 10º of Eutelsat W1, the certain thing it is that the beam of cover of Eurobird 9 is superior and its reception is more optimal than the one of the Eutelsat W1. Hot IBRD 2 was sent to the space in November of 1996 and from that moment always it was located in 13º This. As a result of technical anomalies, Eutelsat decided to transfer the 13 of March of 2007 the operative transponders of Hot IBRD 2 to the satellite Hot IBRD 8.

Hot IBRD was the first series of satellites Hot IBRD of high power of the Eutelsat company of satellites of telecommunications. At the time of its launching, in November of 1996, Hot IBRD 2 was the greater satellite of television made until then in Europe. Its capacity was destined, especially, to the transmission of television in direct.

In comparison with the generations of end of the Eighties, it transported five repeating times, his life utility had been duplicated. In addition, the techniques of digital compression allowed to increase the number of channels by repeater.


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