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Innova and Sky Brazil decide with Intelsat to construct and to send satellite in 2009
The Mexican company Innovates, branch of the Television chain and that operates the mark Sky Mexico, it reaches an agreement with Sky Brazil and Intelsat to construct and to send a satellite of telecommunications

The television companies needed in a joint official notice that the satellite, that will be made by the Orbital company Sciences Corporation and will be equipped with 24 traspondedores (trasmisores), will be placed in orbit in the fourth trimester of 2009.

They needed that this satellite will offer a platform for the transmissions of television via satellite of Mexico and Brazil during its 15 years of life.

“This satellite will provide an endorsement for both platforms and also it will duplicate the present capacity for Sky Mexico”, said the official notice.

It added that “It innovates glides to use this extra capacity for services of high resolution and other services of added value”.

The Innova company is a Television alliance between (58.7%) and the American company DIRECTV (41.3%).

SKY Brazil Services has 1.6 million subscribers.


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