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Channels, a new channel of relax in the satellite Eurobird 9
The orbital position of Eutelsat in 9º This starts up one neuva French chain in abierto with images of landscapes and nature generally accompanied by relajante music

The satellite Eurobird 9 in 9º This finishes activating a new transponder in the frequency 11.804-V MHz (MR. 27500, FEC 2/3) with presecia of two channels, one of them under the norm MPEG4 that can be in high resolution and another one under norm MPEG2 in standard digital system.

In both cases, one is the same channel but following the type of receiver, this one will only be able to receive the signal for which it is preparation.

In this frequency we can find the channel French One is a signal that combines the nature (landscapes), with a relajante voice in off on a music New Age.

The channel is indicating at every moment what place is being seen, as well as its location in the planet, as much under the parameters of length and latitude. It remembers the missing person and at the time so popular “Landscape Chanel”, who the past incorporated the extinct platform Via Digitalis in his birth at the end of century.

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