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Digital+ uses only 3 Nagravisión and Mediaguard 2
The change of version of the system of conditional access in the platform of Sogecable will have continuity in the next spring in the Premiere German

First TV Cabo was the Portuguese platform during the past summer the one that realized with the awaited success the change of Nagravisión 2 to the one of Nagravisión 3 with the aim of eradicating the piracy that affected the illegal vision of its channels through the orbital position of 30º the West of the Hispasat satellites 1C-1D.

Now it has touched the turn to him to Digital+, that from beginnings of this month of December only uses the new system of encryption of the Swiss company of Kuldelsky leaving to “dark” the channels that could be seen of fraudulent form.

After the process realized in the two “Iberian” platforms via satellite, now it touches the turn to him to the Premiere German, who in fact is already realizing for some weeks tests under the new format of Nagravisión 3. Premiere it will also follow the Pole to him Cyfrowy Polsat.

Although at the moment official confirmation does not exist on the matter, some officious information aim of which it will be in the next spring when Premiere will carry out the change of Nagravisión 2 to Nagravisión 3.

On the other hand, Digital+ also prepares a change in present cards decoders of the system Mediaguard 2, that is only used in the supply of channels that they emit through 19,2º This of the Astra satellites.

Digital+ has 2.046.000 subscribers to date of 30 of September of 2007, according to the official data of Sogecable. It emits his programming codified through the satellites Astra (19,2º This) and Hispasat (30º the West) using the systems of conditional access Nagravisión and Mediaguard.


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