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EuroNews will emit in Arab the next year
The Pan-European channel of the news announces that it has gained the contest of the European Commission to emit in Arab as of year 2008, language that will become the eighth language of the chain

Thanks to this contest, the Arab will be united in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, the Russian EuroNews to and Spanish, she needed the channel in an official notice.

In the next months, Euronews will contract an equipment of 20 Arab-speaking journalists who will work in soothes of the chain in Lyons, to the south of France.

The channel will adapt its facilities technical to send this new version, that will be distributed through one complete network of 35 satellites that will cause that he is available anywhere in the world.

Since the beginning of 2008, the equipment of sales of the channel will invite all the operators of cable, satellite, broadband, ADSL and moving bodies anywhere in the world to include the Arab version in their supplies, indicated the television.

With this launching, EuroNews fulfills two objectives: to give service European to the Arab-speakers and to increase the distribution of the chain in the Arab countries.

“The incorporation of the Arab is an important point of flection in the multilingual strategy of Euronews. The channel will be able to increase its hearing between the Arab population in Europe and the Mediterranean area”, indicated the president of the chain, Philippe Cayla.

It affirmed that these emissions “will help the Arab-speaking communities to understand better the frame of the European policies and the main subjects in game”.

Euronews will be able to become channel of reference in the Arab world and the Mediterranean area, where already it counts on an important English French hearing and, needed.

Cayla requested the collaboration of its Mediterranean shareholders in the Arab world, Algerian ENTV, the Egyptian ERTU and Tunisian ERTT, to help to its positioning in its respective countries and that the Union of Broadcasting of Arab Estados (ASBU) can extend this effort to other nations in the zone.


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