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Discovery Channel in Spanish and Portuguese stays in open
The version for the Iberian Peninsula of this prestigious channel of documentary can attract in open from September last through satellite Sirius 2 in the orbital position of 4,8º This

Discovery Channel Spain & Portugal emit through the frequency 12.226-H MHz (MR. 25540, FEC 7/8) of the satellite Sirius 2 with an exceptional cover in the South zone of Europe.

This frequency is used by Discovery Channel to make arrive at all the European continent the different versions from its chain, among them the Spanish and the Portuguese who have the particularitity to offer the same programming although in two different languages for their commercialization in the respective countries.

Discovery Channel comprises of the grill of channels of the Digital+ platform and several Hispanic mesh wirings for 12 years. Equal happens in Portugal where the chain offers through the platform TV Cabo.

Discovery Channel is the buying producer and of documentary greater of the world.

For more information on the channels of the Sirius satellite 2-3:"


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