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Greenpeace sends its own TV channel in Internet
Greenpeace TV, that can see through its page Web, is born with a programming of news, documentary news articles and

The first number is sent with informative on the meeting an Intergovernmental Panel on climatic Change of the UN, celebrated in Valencia, and all the events that took place in her. The news article concentrates in the problem of the climatic change in the world and the proposals to restrain it and the documentary one cross the history of Greenpeace in Spain and the world.

Every month the television will update with new news, news articles and documentary creating an ample file so that all the wishes that it visualizes it and consults when it wants. The subjects will concentrate the environmental present time of our country and outside our borders, besides the actions and the projects of the organization. Spain is the second country in sending an own television of Greenpeace, behind Holland. Besides the Dutch and Spanish television, only Greenpeace the International has an own television in English.

“Greenpeace TV is born with the intention to approach plus the environment the society, to sensitize on the problems that affect our planet and to foment the action through Internet”, Asensio has declared Rodriguez, director of Communication of Greenpeace- “In these days in which as much we spoke of social networks, the organizations we must use all the possibilities that the network offers us so that our message is able to erase borders”

This new project comprises of a program of intensification of the channels online of the organization and of increase of tools to be able to interact with its users. In this line the organization has started up a system of chats, blogs, virtual games, communities, networks of ciberactivismo, etc.


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