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Some operators do not create in the TDT, according to the manufacturers
Thus he assures vice-president the Multi-sector Association of companies of Electronics and Comunicaciones (Asimelec), Married Jesus

Vice-president of the Multi-sector Association of companies of Electronics and Comunicaciones (Asimelec), Married Jesus indicated during the celebration of II the Congress of TDT, organized by the Secretariat of State of Telecommunications and for the Society of the Information, that “there is preoccupation between the manufacturers by the situation of the TDT”, that needs clear objectives and that the date of the 2010 for the technological blackout is not touched. “The analogical blackout is necessary and possible”.

Married it remembered that or a Plan of Transition to the TDT exists, that contemplates 20 programs in 32 zones where they will be implanted gradually until arriving at the 2010 and that the present cover is or of 85%. Between which “it lacks to do” it emphasizes the interactivity and it said that there are zones of Spain and broadcasters that are not taking measured so that the signal arrives with the sufficient quality and resolution from image.

“the MPH (interactive uses) implies something more than a product in the market” and requested a “unique version of the MPH all and to dissolve it pays who it. We cannot install the MHP in the decoders if we do not know the model”. Also it considered necessary that there are trustworthy measurements of hearing and that the payment by vision is authorized, besides the creation of an Audio-visual Advice.

The vice-president of Asimelec indicated that of more than five million flat televisions that have been sold, more than two million they include the TDT and rest no. Andres Arms, chief of a main directorate of Impels TDT, said that she enters the barriers that are the implantation of the TDT are the costs of acquisition of the new technology, the fact that it needs an additional control at a distance, “problems in the quality of the signal and lack of differentiated contents”.

Arms said that of the seven million homes that have access to the TDT already they will turn into eight million at the end of this year, although emphasized that “some independent communities have not adapted their systems still”. Miguel Angel the Garci'as, manager of Fenitel (companies of antenistas), asked that the date of the blackout is respected, who complete the terms of cover and which the conditions of emission in the zones already covered do not change.

“The users are not conscious of the blackout concept - he said that he causes lack of demand and the adaptation of facilities slows down, because the user still sees the date far”, and considered necessary to develop to added value products, like the payment by the interactive vision and services.

(Agencies, 13/12/07)

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