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Sogecable and Orange negotiate to commercialize a trio
The audio-visual group retakes the conversations with the operator, parked by the agreement that signed with Telephone sending Trío+, with the aim of commercializing a similar product

Blow of effect of Orange in the market of the telecommunications. The Spanish branch of France Télécom negotiates an agreement with Sogecable to incorporate Digital+, the supply of pay television via satellite of the audio-visual group, to its product range.

In a pact similar to which Sogecable has reached with Telephone, which they commercialize jointly from the past 1 of December with the Trío+ mark, Orange would quickly offer to the branch accesses of ADSL to Internet and telephony so that this company can commercialize the package in the zones that the Gallic group does not cover, according to they indicate sources expert of the negotiation.

Orange and Sogecable began their negotiations to reach an alliance in pay television and Internet at the beginning of year, but these interrupted May the past, when the audio-visual group began to negotiate with Telephone the agreement that finally signed the past June.


For Orange, the agreement represents an optimal opportunity to offer to its clients an option of television with the Canal+ mark, complementary to Orange TV, its supply of television by ADSL.

Sogecable, on the other hand, sum another proposal of loyalty of its clients, who are migrating of significant form towards joint supplies of television, Internet and telephony.

During the first nine months of 2007, the number of new subscribers to supplies of pay television in Spain, as it remains of the gross discharges and the losses, cleared the 100,000 clients, until adding 3.76 million users, which supposes a growth of 3%. In this period, Imagenio has caught more of 70% of the new clients of pay television, whereas Sogecable as soon as it has taken control of two thousand subscribers.

Orange and Sogecable will take like reference for their negotiations the Telephone alliance between and the audio-visual group. This agreement has one double slope. The operator commercializes a package of specific pay television, designed by Sogecable, that is sold through satellite, in the zones in which Telephone it cannot directly offer Imagenio to his potential clients, since it does not have sufficient speed. This package is completed with the traditional services of telephone and ADSL, offered directly by Telephone, and all the product is commercialized under the Trio+ mark.

On the other hand, it establishes that Sogecable would become the buyer of contents for the Telephone group, which would suppose a fort quickly impulse to this activity of the branch. This one is the part in the agreement the one that more distrust has caused in the National Commission of Competencia (CNC), that has initiated an investigation to investigate if the alliance between the groups supposes abuse of dominant position.

Indeed, Sogecable hopes to overcome the reluctance of the CNC to its alliance with Telephone with this other agreement with Orange, that would eliminate the character of exclusive feature of the pact.

Although not yet it has been closed formally, Sogecable and Orange already has decided the launching Movable Digital+ in the network of the Gallic group. This product, that already commercializes Vodafone, allows the moving body users to enjoy a twenty of channels of Digital+ in its terminals.

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