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The satellite Eutelsat W3A will change of orbital position in 2009
This satellite, that was constructed by the society Eads Astrium and sent to the space the 16 of March of 2004, has predicted to leave 7º This to be relocated in the position of 1º This, at the moment inoperative one

The orbital shift of position of Eutelsat W3A will take place in January of 2009 when the new satellite enters in good condition that Eutelsat operator has predicted to place in 7º This.

The plans of satellite W3A in the position of 1 °Este happen to give service of transport and data transmission of video, the establishment of enterprise networks, the occasional distribution of program and television networks radio, and services of feeds (I connect technicians).

The satellite Eutelsat W3A in good condition entered year 2004 after replacing to Eutelsat W3.

One is the satellite of greater reach of the sent ones to date by Eutelsat. It has 40 transponders and one life of 12 years. It covers Europe and Africa with the North, with two tracks of cover, being beam To which it is received with greater power in Spain.

This satellite supports to the technical connections of EBU-UER (European Broadcasting Union) and distributes the signal of the digital platform of Turkish payment DigiTürk.

Of the DigiTürk platform some channels in open can attract, especially public TRT.

The connections (feeds) are used to being codified but sometimes they can attract in open.

Of this satellite also it emphasizes the emission in FTA of TV Poland and M6 Switzerland among others channels.


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