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Nagravisión follows with its countermeasures to stop the piracy in Europe
The transition to the new system of conditional access in Portugal and Spain will now have its continuity in Germany, Poland and Rumania, through the platforms affected by the piracy

The Swiss company Kudelski S.A. has carried out with the awaited success the implementation of the new system of codification known like Nagravisión 3, as much in Portugal as in Spain.

First lusa was the platform TV Cabo and later the Hispanic Digital+, which has seen as the new system of encryption has allowed to absolutely eradicate the illegal vision of its television channels.

To this it is necessary to add that the specialists in the matter augur that the present system of codification is totally invulnerable reason why the false information and rumors that aimed at that are denied rotudamente already “it had been abierto”.

Now in other countries

While, other European platforms that use the old Nagravisión follow affected by the piracy in the hope of following the steps lived in Portugal and Spain. It is the case of the Premiere German (Astra, 19,2º This), the Pole Cyfrowy Polsat (Hot IBRD, 13º This) and of the Digi Rumanian TV (Intelsat 10-02, 1º the West).

The illegal vision of these chains is harming “indirectly” those platforms that have a safe codification inasmuch as the televising rights are being harmed, like for example those that they concern to the sport transmissions. This it is the case of Premiere and of Digi TV that the more important leagues of soccer of Europe transmit, among them the Spanish, reason why is still a reclamation for her illegal vision thus harming the rest.

All these platforms already are carrying out several tests with the new system Nagravisión 3. It is doing it to Premiere with several of his channels, last of them erotic Alpenglühen TVX. In Germany it is hoped to realize the definitive transition to the new encryption during the first months of 2008.

On the other hand, Digi TV and Cyfrowy Polsat try to leave “out of service” to hackers with several countermeasures, that at the moment are being positive for their interests.

They are the effects of a sector, the one of the pay television, very punished economically by the fraudulent vision of its channels.


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