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To the Jazeera it anticipates a remarkable increase of his hearing in 2008
The popular Arab chain delay to increase its hearing in several million spectators with the extension of its televising signal in the United States and India

“We are very optimistic in this sense after announcing one in the most important agreements for next the six months in the United States”, according to has assured Nigel Parson, person in charge of the qatarí chain.

The diffusion of the chain of the news in Arab during the 24 hour sdel day will be possible as much in the United States as in India, countries where until now any agreement had not been reached on the matter.

The bureaucratic problems had caused until now that To the Jazeera could not emit the day in North American territory throughout, according to assure the people in charge the Arab chain.

The Arab channel of the news by satellite To the Jazeera, born in 1996, has been considered the villa marks anywhere in the world more influential, behind the icons Apple, Google, Ikea and Starbucks. This revealed a survey realized by the world-wide consultant of branding, pertaining to Interbrand.

The information chain initiated its emissions in English now a year ago and can be caught in abierto through several satellites.


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